United States – 1922

Lebadang (Leba Dang) was born in Vietnam in 1922, immigrating to France in 1933 to study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Toulouse. His first one-person show was held in Paris in 1950. Lebadang is internationally renowned for his fusion of the cultural influences of Europe and the Orient through a personal poetic vision articulated in watercolor, sculpture and fine prints. Lebadang is recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished printmakers. He has used paper as his means to communicate his artistic vision. Many works combine the techniques of etching, embossing, lithography and silk-screen. He has virtually re-invented these processes to achieve a grace and simplicity of imagery executed in infinite variations of line, shape and color. He adds virtuosity to silk-screen printing where he individually hand-cuts each screen while in the studio, taking every creative opportunity to manipulate the image. His works in cast paper astound collectors, curators and fellow artists. The complex image, texture and color are achieved simultaneously in one closing of the press. Normally this work requires multiple plates and impressions. These works combine the essences of sculpture, painting and embossing in one art form. Lebadang has exhibited in over fifty one-person shows throughout the world. His work became widely exhibited in the United States after his one-person show at the Cincinnati Art Museum in 1966. He has been the recipient of numerous international awards. Most recently an international prize has been named in his honor for individuals throughout the world who have achieved a level of peace with themselves.