United States – 1970

On May 21, 1970, Jesse Raudales was pronounced dead upon his arrival into this world. His Mother, believing strongly in the Power of God, would not accept the decision rendered by medical science. She seized the opportunity to firmly cradle her newborn infant into her arms, before the doctors could take him away ‘where they normally take babies born dead’.

As Mother Raudales held her infant, she prayed that life would breathe into his little body and vowed to name him after the Savior ‘Jesus” and the angel, ‘Guadeloupe’. She fulfilled her promise and until Jesse was five years old, she never had his haircut and he was adorned in burlap robes and sandals.

By the time, the young bi-racial / bi-cultural Jesus Guadeloupe Raudales was five years old; his artistic talents were full bloom. With careful nurturing from his mother, he learned to respect his gift and give God the glory by expressing through his Art and Designs. The talented African-Latin American Artist was on his way to Stardom.

IN 1990, Jesse Raudales, with the guidance and help of his dear and close mentor, Rodrick Taylor, Jesse attended the Arts Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in Fashion Designs and Commercial Arts.

BY 1992, Jesse Raudales was beginning to make his first art marks in Hollywood. He designed and assisted Tony Briggs with logos and fashions for such celebrities as MC Hammer, James Brown and more. Jesse Raudales designed and created images for NUBI Action Sports Wear, Jesse Raudales designed and created scripts, storyboards, cartoon characters and computer animation for GAMBOLLAND, Inc. Jesse Raudales designed and created album covers for the following record companies; Adair Entertainment, Hot Wax Records, Dark Alley Records and Black Orchid Records, just to name a few.

BY 1994, Jesse Raudales designed and created the clothing of PRIDE STREET WEAR, designed for such artists as Snoop Doggy Dog. Jesse Raudales designed clothes for such TV shows and movies as Martin, Living Single and Higher Learning.

Jesse Raudales designed and created FOB Gear for movie star, Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. and Jesse Raudales designed logos for Dr. Dre (Black Market and Aftermath), as well as the logo for LA POSSE.

BY 1997, Jesse Raudales had his own One Man Major Art Show at the Fine Arts by Nari Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA presented by Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. Jesse Raudales’ paintings have been featured on the UPN TV Shows SPARKS, SPARKS and SPARKS and GOOD NEWS.

BY 1998, Jesse Raudales had designed logos, storyboards, illustrations, and family paintings for celebrities such as Guy Torry, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Rick James, Tom Joyner, Miguel A. Nunez, Jr., Mel Jackson, Ed Weinberg, Arif Kitchen, David Ramsey, Jazzmin Lewis, Sophia Adella Hernandez, Tracey C. Jones, the Fulton Foundation, Tom Joyner and the Sparks of Hope for the Holiday, and more