““Creativity—How to be Creative.” It goes like this: Creativity is the act of bringing into existence that which is unknown, uncommon, or unexpected. Being creative is risky; however, where the risks are great, the rewards are greater!”
-Magleby (From one of his lectures as a Professor)

McRay Magleby, after completing his education at the University of Utah, is a designer, illustrator, speaker, and design-competition judge. For many years, Mr. Magleby was creative director at Brigham Young University, where he and his staff produced publications, books, and posters. He now combines a professorship in graphic design at the University of Utah with independent design projects. Recently, “How” magazine named him as one of the “Twelve Most Influential Designers Today.”

In 2002, he was selected to create the first Cultural Olympiad poster by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002 (SLOC). Magleby’s design was the first in a series of posters commissioned by SLOC to celebrate the 2002 Cultural Olympiad.