Tver Russian Federation – 1955

Sergey Slavin (Kozlov) was born in Tver (Russia) on December 24, 1955. When he was six years old his father was assigned to work in the diplomatic corps in Italy, where his whole family moved. Sergey spent the first years of his childhood in Rome on Villa Abamelica, which used to be a creative art center for the Russian artists that time. Sergey’s family used to travel very often, which gave him wide perspective of the world.

Sergey’s interest and development of Art was marked by the majestic Italian architecture, the ancient world of archeological finds, and a world of famous art masterpieces. He graduated from college in the Soviet Union; he then served the Soviet Army and studied at the Polytechnic Institute. He studied Romance and Germany philology at the University.

After graduation he worked as sociologist, studied cinematograph history while pursuing a career in that direction. In 1980 Sergey opened his private publishing house. He had a great interest on polygraphs, books history and typography. He successfully worked in this area for some years, publishing posters, catalogs, calendars, books for kids, monographic and modern art albums.

He tried to work with a pallet knife on his own for the first time, and then he started taking private art lessons from the best Art teachers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. When he understood that art was his favorite work, he went for it and shut down his publishing house, which showed a great character and a tremendous passion for art.

He currently paints landscapes and still-life. He loves Serov’s and Korovin’s work and the French impressionism style. He enjoys photography and fishing. He is an inquisitive reader.

Among his favorite’s authors are Chekhov, Dovlatov, Fitzgerald and Hemingway. His artwork is in private and corporate collections in Russia and USA amongst others countries.