Greensboro, AL United States – 1950

Singley was born September 30, 1950, in Greensboro, Alabama. After attending four years of business studies at an Alabama college, he enrolled in the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. He graduated there in 1976 with a degree in Illustration and Design. After working for a time in the South as a designer, he decided to move to the Southwest United States in order to pursue a career in illustration and fine art. He has since free-lanced as an illustrator, serving clients as varied as Arizona Trends, New Times Weekly News and Arts Journal, Arizona Living, the Arizona Republic, and the Phoenix Gazette.

As a painter, Singley exhibits with the John Douglas Cline Gallery of Phoenix, the Ratcliff Williams Gallery of Sedona, and the Michael Collier Gallery of Scottsdale. Outside Arizona he exhibits with Chemers of Newport Beach, California; Miranda Galleries of Laguna Beach, California; Marylin Wilson Gallery of Birmingham, Alabama; Windsors of Dania, Florida; and J. Richards Gallery of Engelwood, New Jersey.

Singley takes his major inspiration from the first French Impressionists. He cites Monet (especially at Giverny), Pissarro, and Van Gogh as having most strongly influenced the evolution of his impressionistic style, and he greatly reveres the American turn-of-the-century Impressionist Maynard Dixon as well. Says Singley: At its heart, Impressionism is a spirit. To best express this spirit, the work should be extremely abstract. The magic of an impressionistic canvas is the viewer’s recognition of the greater image. By using the most fleeting bits of color and shape, I can demonstrate how each form is made of so many others.


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Cascading Roses

Cascading Roses

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