Ukraine – 1959

Photograph not available at this time.

Graduated from the Faculty of Geography Lviv State University Annie Ivan Franko in 1981. He worked in the research sector in niversytetu in Research kg Entry aerospace research and environmental monitoring of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of Ethnology Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. During his artistic career he participated in collective exhibitions: Palace of Arts (Lviv, 1996). Historical Museum (Lviv, 1997), State Historical-Architectural Reserve “Ancient Kyiv”.
His works are stored in many collections in the world (Italy, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Vatican, etc.).

Romantic, sometimes ambitious, courageous, sensitive, sometimes unexpected, and each captures, designs, novelty opens the world … And all this is – Leonid Kovriga. The art style of the author – eccentric, combining some of surreal, impressionistic, realistic that create a fantasy world, beautiful, artistic metaphors and comparisons. And the artist combines them the ability to open his soul through them, their way of thinking and living. “Everyone is a philosopher” – says the artist.

“Creativity – a special lifestyle that inspires …” – said at the opening of Rector Ivan Vakarchuk and wished Leonid good and creative inspiration.