Kiev Russian Federation – 1972

Yevgeny Khrykin was born in Smolensk, Russia, in 1972. Soon after birth, his family moved near Kiev where he was raised. His father was employed as a graphic designer in a local manufacturing company. During his youth, Khrykin enjoyed drawing caricatures of his schoolmates and teachers. Yevgeny’s interests also included music; he taught himself in piano and guitar, he also organized a school ensemble which performed his original music.

After finishing secondary school, Khrykin entered college and studied architecture. He was dissatisfied with this educational program and left before completion of his second year of study. At that time, his interests in art, heightened and he enrolled in visual art, easel painting, and sculpture courses at both the Art College of Yaroslavl and the Art College of St. Petersburg. After completing his studies, he returned to Ukraine to work as a graphic designer.

During his work career he has continued composing his original works of music and performing with different musical groups as an expression of another of his God given talents. As a hobby, Khrykin constructed miniatures of churches, historic homes, buildings, and mills, which he gave to his friends. His friends were amazed at the accuracy to which he was able to build these miniatures.

A merchant from Lviv began purchasing these miniatures and exporting these items to Poland and Romania. The miniature-maker, as he was nicknamed, could not keep up with the demand. His hobby had become a demanding business venture, this was too intense for Yevgeny’s liking. He returned to design, both interior and exterior, for commercial as well as residential buildings.

Yevgeny’s personality is one of solitude and reflection. He has found himself in easel painting. The easel painting, for which he was trained, allows him solace and freedom of imagination. In this way, he can work and create without the interference of others.
He likes that he has no schedules or deadlines to which he has to conform. Yevgeny enjoys the freedom to chose images that he will commit to canvas. He receives a great feeling of the joy while expressing his emotion.

He has a feeling of satisfaction with the opportunity to display his artwork for people throughout the world. His paintings reflect his love of architecture with the natural settings of sincere simplicity. Khrykin’s attention to detail, combined with his great appreciation of nature, creates a realism that is warm as well as dramatic. Yevgeny Khrykin is very pleased to present his works to you for your persual.


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“A fall fantasy.” A bridge cutting through the trees.

Fall Fantasy

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“Pines on Sunset.”

Pines on Sunset

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Tuesday Morning

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