Andre Eyl’s distinctive style, a combination of subject matter, bold composition, heavy texture and vibrant color is instantly recognizable. His work is prized by collectors throughout the United States, Europe and South America. In each piece, Eyl imparts to the viewer a sense of drama in the historical saga of conflict and harmony between cultures, often using icons to provide a more obvious context.

Eyl’s work reveals an indebtedness to the visual elements of a number of artistic periods, including the Cubism of Picasso and Braque and Russian Constructivism. But Eyl’s technique, fostered over the years at several West Coast institutions, tends to pair images down to elemental patterns and shapes in order to allow Eyl to emphasize his fascination with bold color and rich texture. “I am irrevocably drawn to anything with texture,” says Eyl.

Each of Eyl’s pieces is thoughtfully composed using various hand-cut templates and stencils to juxtapose his freeform abstract paintings. But, says Eyl, the element of chance always enters the picture when rendering a work. “If I know exactly how the painting will turn out, then there is no point in painting. At some level, I must be surprised by the final result.”