Wadowice Poland

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M. Dulon was born in Wadowice, Poland where she spent long hours as a child hiking and marveling at the landscape. She attended the High School of Fine Arts in Bielsko-Biala, and then continued her studies at the prestigious Polish Academy of Fine Arts. Dulon went on to obtain her Master’s degree in Fine Art, and overall acquired ten years of formal art training.
Propelled by the uncertain political climate of Eastern Europe, she extended a brief holiday in the United States and has now spent the last seventeen years there. Dulon was astounded by the power and energy of each new vista she encountered in this enticing land. This strength and energy are the trademarks of Dulon’s work. The beauty of nature radiates from her brushstrokes. My work contains the finer things in life, those moments that make the world wonderful.

Dulon’s painting technique has been likened to that of the masters Pissaro and Van Gogh. Like these artists, Dulon has the power to pull the viewer into her work. Gaining inspiration from real places, she will return to her studio using her memory and imagination to create her masterpieces. Her art is her passion, and is never far from her thoughts.

Dulon has exhibited extensively both in group and solo shows from California to her homeland of Poland, and has won numerous prestigious awards. Her captivating style of combining abstract and realism in magnificent landscapes has continued to make her a popular artist worldwide.


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