Tandil Argentina

Born in Tandil, Argentina, MARIO CANDIA received his degree in Architecture from La Plata University, molding his refined grasp in the areas of design and form. He is an official member of the prestigious circulo de arte de Tandil. Galleries and cultural centres throughout Argentina exhibit his works.
He often participates in art displays and juried shows and from that exposure he has been commissioned to:

a) the illustration of different books of national and international circulation such as “Turismo en estancias y hosterias del sur de America” (Tierra Buena publishing house) “De cuerpo y alma”(Tu Llave publishing house) “Razones”(Grafikart publishing)

b) design and illustration of touristic brochures authorized by the Ministry of tourism of Buenos Aires province.

c) interior design for international recreation centres like El Centinela and Ave Maria tourist hotel.
His works are included in important institutions and private collections such as A. Maria country estate, Argentine aeronautic circle, etc.
“Mario Candia’s skilled and refined technique produces genuine works of art.
He knows arrangement of lines,, conceiving his works in a vast range of lights, darks and half-tones

Furthermore, he expresses an exquisite validity of mist and shadow which recreates a unique
atmosphere within a wise harmony. His concern for the forms, contrasts and precise tones
renders his artistic sensibilities more noticeable, thus giving form to an aesthetic projection of great pictorial value.”

Roque Castelnuovo, Argentinian journalist, writer and art critic.
“La admirable creacion pictorica de Mario Candia” Seccion arte.Cami magazine August 1997.


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