Jackson, Michigan United States – 1933

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Leland Beaman, formerly of Jackson, Michigan is well-known for his oil paintings, sculptures, drawings, poster art and watercolors within the Jackson community as well as his home in Arizona since the mid 1980s. An example of his work in Arizona is a realistic watercolor of an American Avocet for Sandy and Andy Andrews in 1987. Of the waterfowl, a frequent subject of his realistic painting, Beaman captured its elegant profile and striking, detailed colors. Beaman has also painted animals, especially horses in action and cowboys on horses; landscapes, many of them from Tuscany and Greece as well as America; and large-scale floral work, a frequent subject of his posters.

Early in his career, Beaman painted with a safe and realistic technique. As he matured he felt constricted by the conformity. “My life evolved from needing a precise structure to desiring my own personal expression,” he said. “Abstraction sets reality to music by orchestrating colors on canvas like a musician arranged notes for a symphony. I hope to compose a harmonious blend, pleasing to the eye, but also exciting and stimulating to the soul. . . .

Because of suffering mild autism, Beaman had special challenges. Of being an artist and dealing with this condition, he said: “I am happiest while painting, sculpting, writing or singing, everything else is work. . . .The only thing that came easily to me is expressing myself visually. Every other form of expression feels un-natural and clumsy. Because of this learning disability or gift I try to make each creation to the best of my ability. It’s a lonely joyous life style and I thank God for it.”


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“Deep within.” Red and white flowers.

Deep Within

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