Ottawa Canada – 1939

Born on 1939 in Ottawa, Walter Bachinski graduated from Ontario College of Art in 1965 and then pursued his masters degree at the University of Iowa in 1967. He began teaching drawing and printmaking at the University of Guelph and gained tenure in 1970 and became a full professor in 1984. Ten years later he ended his teaching career and left his job at the University.

Throughout his career he has travelled to many places; first studying the mural work of Orozco and Siquerrios in Mexico and later the museums of Europe to see first hand the great works from the past. He focused later on primarily French masterpieces of the late 19th and 20th century.

His early works were primarily black and white and were conentrated in the areas of printmaking and drawing. Later he began working on sculpture; mostly in the round and relief style starting in the early seventies. His work became more classical in style and in 1978-79 he spent a year in France where he focused more closely on color and began working with pastels and the idea of still life. Bachinski has devoted himself to his art in his studio in Shanty Bay, Ontario since 1994 and in 1996 established Shanty Bay Press and divides his time between working on book projects and pastels, prints and sculpture.


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The Chinese Vase by Walter Bachinski

Chinese Vase

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