Ukraine – 1973

Victoria was born in 1973 and is currently living in Ukraine. Growing up in a creative family of musicians and painters, she developed her interests in art during early childhood.

She became fond of music and singing, as well as painting, and developed her skills during her educational years. Victoria’s older brother was instrumental in her guidance, as he is also an accomplished artist. Today, Victoria is making a successful career by utilizing her artistic talents.

Music is also an important part of Victoria’s life. She is presently singing in an academic chorus and also enjoys her position as a lead singer in a local jazz band.

Other interests include poetry, traveling and bodybuilding. She has enjoyed visits to numerous countries, including Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Nigeria. These countries have inspired her, as she has studied the natural beauty of the landscape and various ancient monuments and buildings depicted in her works of art.

Her favorite past time, bodybuilding, is consistent with her well-organized schedule. She maintains a weekly schedule in the gymnasium and daily schedule of routine exercise. Victoria believes that this routine creates a harmony in her life and coordination with nature.

Producing art brings great satisfaction into her life, making her private life brighter and more colorful. Victoria wishes to present this same joy of life to all people through her paintings.


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The Gloaming Aksamentova Victoria

The Gloaming

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