Chesterfield, MO United States

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MC(MarieClaire)Wiegand was born and raised in Chesterfield ,Mo.She began painting oils in 1969 at St.joseph’s academy,under the tutelage of sister Collette Marie.She continued her studies at Maryville University,the University of Columbia in Mo.,Washington university,and St.Charles Communty college.after 7 years of college and university,she was using her oil paints and turpentine in her class with her teacher Rodney Winfield,who was allergic to the smell, and demanded she go outside to paint,and that was when she began her ple’n air painting.MC continued to paint in both oils, watercolor,pen and ink, acrylic, and mixed media both indoors and out sporatically to the present day.

MC moved from Mo. to Colorado in 9/99,living there with her daughter Rose until 2012,capturing some of the endless outdoor beauty of the mountains.In 2012,she continued on to Oregon,where she presently strives to portray artistically the myriads of gorgeous scenes .She loves many subjects, scenes,people,animals, wildlife,abstacts,and has also completed many murals.

MC loves the art of Vincent Van Gogh,Thomas Hart Benton,among other artists, and yet has eveolved into her own individualistic style.She believes everyone should create something or anything that is good for their soul and mankind in general.She is in the process of completing a website of herself and marketing her art and inventions online sooner,if not later…anyone interested in viewing or purchasing her art,etc. may call her at #541-351-5700,or e-mailing you very much!sincerely,MC Wiegand


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