Kharkov Ukraine

A perpetual explorer, Irina Russkol has utilized many different mediums in her work. The suggestion of people in granules of bronze or a dusky slash of a figure can convey a particular moment via a thoughtfully constructed scene. Her dedication to the evolution of her work is apparent when one examines her pieces closely, peering through the layers of pigment and texture and deep into the painting’s heart.

Born in Kharkov, Ukraine, Irina started drawing and experimenting with paints at an early age. She began her formal training at Kharkov Fine Art Institute in Kharkov, then moving to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994 to attend the Academy of Fine Art. In 1998, she decided to come to the United States to study English as well as American culture and art.

Although her education helped her greatly, her inspiration and need to create has generally come from her spontaneous impulses within. Influenced by different artists and styles, Irina’s art is the result of her research and observation.

She has incorporated mixed media with oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, gouache and different textures. Not content with settling with one style or medium, Irina is only content when discovering new techniques, which is evident with her wide range of styles: landscape, still life, figurative and abstract.


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