A Monument To Courage ©

Mar 29, 2017


The American A Monument of Courage-video 5:17 -  Produced by John Camey

Just imagine the following icons; the Statue of Liberty, New York, the Effie Tower in Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Arch in St. Louis and now outside Tulsa, Oklahoma a new icon of the brave Indian with an eagle extend on his arm that represents the hope and challenge of new beginnings.

This monument will be the largest free standing bronze that people will be able to enter a stairway to the observation deck and view beautiful downtown Tulsa in the distance. The American, located in Sand Springs, will soar 21 stories in height with a visitor center at the base of the monument.

Shan Gray, and Osage Indian and the artist of this sculpture, had a vision of this American image as a way to reflect the courage of all American’s no matter their race or creed.

Collectors now have an opportunity to own your own original bronze available in both the 24” cast an edition of 90 and the exquisite 3 ½ foot cast with an edition of 176. This will be the only edition offered without the changes that had to be made as the original cast was modified when it was decided to make The American a 207 foot monument. All additional editions will be an exact replica of the final monument itself. The first edition offered of the final monument is an exquisite 3 ½ foot cast in an edition of 176.