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Migrant Mother, 1936, Dorothea Lange. Photograph

This iconic image is just one of six taken by Dorothea Lange in March of 1936 while she was working as a photographer for the Farm Security Administration (FSA). During this time she was trying, as an artist, to show the effects of the depression and humanize the situation. Lange made field notes accounting for seven children and stating that they had just sold their tires to buy food. Lange did not ask the woman’s name or history, just her age. Florence Owens Thompson, 32 at the time, was later identified as the “Migrant Mother” in 1978 and went on to say that Lange had gotten the information wrong and that they couldn’t have sold their tires for food since they did not have any tires to sell. It was also claimed that Lange had promised never to allow the photographs to be published.