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AALiberty Painting Done for the Fall of the Berlin Wall.jpg

Anniversary of the Berlin Wall

Fine Art Ltd in St. Louis Mo. Was the official licensee for the Statue Of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation for the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. On the Anniversary of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s famous Speech at the Berlin Wall. Fine Art Ltd commissioned Hiro Yamagata to do a painting of the Statue of Liberty to celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall and unveiled it in Berlin at Check Point Charley. We invited President Ronald Reagan, Gene Kennedy Smith to represent her brother, Rod Steiger who won an award for Freedom and Cliff Robertson who played Kennedy in the PT 109 the movie. President Reagan could not attend but invited us to come to his office in Century City, Ca. which we did after the event.

We believe this is the only video celebrating the Fall of The Wall. We had over 2000 people at the wall and gave posters away to the crowd. Yamagata was signing and dating the posters for the crowd but the crowd got to pushing so much we had to stop the signing and just gave the posters away.

Please note the two people doing the unveiling were from both East And West Berlin.


An Elizabethan Maundy, miniature, 1560

Levina Teerlinc (1510-1576) was a Flemish miniaturist who also served as a painter to the English court of Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. She was the daughter of the renowned illuminator of the Ghent-Bruges school, Simon Bening. It is thought that she she worked in her father's workshop  being getting married. Once married she moved with her husband to England. She became the royal painter to Henry VIII, after his previous royal painter, Hans Holbein the Younger, had died.

Although she did create portraits for royals she became most well known for her work with miniatures. It is thought that she might have trained Nicholas Hilliard in the methods of miniature portraiture. He would go on to be the first supreme miniature portraitist of the era. She was also known for presenting paintings as gifts including an image of the Trinity for Mary I in 1553.