The American Monument

Jan 13, 2016

Artist and Designer: Shan Gray

A tribute to the courage and strength of the people of the United States of America. Representing the Vision and Unity needed to form this great Nation.

The Indian Brave and the Bald Eagle represent the character, strength, courage and resolve we use to triumph over the challenges faced as a Nation.

The Indian – The First American and The Eagle – Our Freedom , Chosen as our national emblem in 1782-The Bald Eagle displayed as a symbol of power witharrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other talon

Shan Gray, Osage Indian from Edmond Oklahoma began his career as a commercial artist. In 1986 Gray started to focus his art career towards sculpting professionally and since has been recognized nationally for his artistic style and talent. Specializing in sculpting the human form, Gray has built a noteworthy reputation for capturing details that bring the bronze sculpture to life.  

Among some of his sculptures have been an 18-foot 6-inch bronze statue of Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller leaping on her balance beam routine. He also sculpted the Warren Spahn Award, which is given to the best left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball by the Oklahoma Sports Museum. He recently finished three Oklahoma Miss America’s and Heisman trophy winner Billy Vessels.