Tradition Of Christmas By Jesse Barnes

Nov 28, 2018

Jesse Barnes, renowned as "The Light Painter," has commemorated the 500th Anniversary of the Christmas Tree. "The Spirit of Christmas" portrays the tradition of the decorated tree as an iconic, yet beautiful symbol of Christmas. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees has been around since 1510 and has grown vastly more popular in the last 500 years. 

 "We are proud," said Jack Scharr of Fine Art Ltd., "to be working with Jesse Barnes on this special commemorative, limited edition. Especially since it brings Jesse back again to the holiday theme that launched his incredible career in 1983 with the release of his very first edition entitled", "Night Before Christmas". 

 "The Spirit of Christmas" is considered to be once of Jesses best paintings celebrating the 500th anniversary of the decorated Christmas tree. This is a great addition to any collection and has been kept to a limited amount printed. These prints make great holiday gifts and bring light into any room. 

 Giclee on Canvas Limited Edition of 25 signed and numbered AP 24" X 36"                 $1,685

Giclee on Canvas Limited Edition of 60 signed and numbered 24" X 36"                      $1,185

Paper Limited Edition of 50 signed and numbered AP 16" X 24"                                  $450

Paper Limited Edition of 300 signed and numbered 16" X 24"                                     $225

"The Spirit of Christmas" by Jesse Barnes

"The First Tradition of Christmas" by Jesse Barnes