Aldo Luongo

Nov 29, 2018

"Romance on Canvas" would be one of the many ways to describe the art of Aldo Luongo. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1941, of Italian parents, would seem the perfect recipe for a child of prodigious undertones, smothered only by an overwhelming desire to fulfill one's physical goal; the goal in question, to follow his father's footsteps as a professional soccer player.

Shortly after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Luongo sought to come to the U.S. to play professional soccer for the New York Generals. Once in New York and having had his career cut short due to an injury, he was free to pursue his dream of creating artwork full time.

1968 became a turning point for Luongo when he created no less than thirty originals. In the passing years, this Post-Impressionist whose influences are "Monet for his pastels, Toulouse-Lautrec for his drawing technique combined with the strength of Van Gogh," has won the hearts of true art lovers from all over the world.

Luongo has since then been in more than 35 one man shows throughout the United States. His art has been purchased and collected by such stars as Dionne Warwick, Yul Brynner, Cary Grant, Anthony Quinn and Christopher Cross. He has also designed album cover art for Ms. Warwick as well as the jazz group Excess. He has also been invited to the White House Easter Egg Hunt twice and was chosen to paint eggs which are now in the Smithsonian Institute.

The subjects in his paintings may change but the skills used and style stay consistent. Luongo never fails to entice his viewers into his world of romance, passion and love. Some of his most famous images contain "The Hawk", a character that used to represent the artists father but in his later years has come to be his future self.

Luongo has been named Sports Artist of the Year by the United States Sports Academy in 1999 and was named three-time official Olympic Artist (Summer 1988, Summer 1996, and Winter 2002). He was also named an Official World Cup Artist in 1998 and the official U.S. Women's Cup Artist in 1999. He has been fortunate enough to be able to pursue both of his dreams, soccer and painting, while later combining them by creating sports related artwork.