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Harry Weber, the sculpture artist who created all of the Hall of Fame players at Bush Stadium, sculpted “Stan the Man” to commemorate the life of the late Cardinals player Stan “the Man” Musial. The sculpture was released at a special event featuring Stan Musial at Fine Art Ltd.

Harry has created two other casts that were featured at the event, “Musial 3000th  Hit”, an edition of only 6 casts and Musial’s, “Last at Bat” an edition of 50. Harry liked working with Stan, and Stan enjoyed working with Harry. Stan owned three of Harrys sculptures in his personal collection.

Jesse Barnes, renowned as "The Light Painter," has commemorated the 500th Anniversary of the Christmas Tree. "The Spirit of Christmas" portrays the tradition of the decorated tree as an iconic, yet beautiful symbol of Christmas. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees has been around since 1510 and has grown vastly more popular in the last 500 years. 


"We are proud," said Jack Scharr of Fine Art Ltd., "to be working with Jesse Barnes on this special commemorative, limited edition. Especially since it brings Jesse back again to the holiday theme that launched his incredible career in 1983 with the release of his very first edition entitled", "Night Before Christmas". 


"The Spirit of Christmas" is considered to be once of Jesses best paintings celebrating the 500th anniversary of the decorated Christmas tree. This is a great addition to any collection and has been kept to a limited amount printed. These prints make great holiday gifts and bring light into any room. 


Hiro Yamagata

Nov 2, 2017

Internationally known among commercial-art enthusiasts for his pop-inspired faunal and floral imagery,Yamagatais best known in the poster designer for the 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996 Olympic Committees.  He's also designed commemorative works for the Air and Space Bicentennial, the U.S. Constitution's Bicentennial, the Centennial Celebration of theEiffelTower, the Bicentennial of the French Revolution - and painted Ronald Reagan's presidential portrait. I n 1988, Hiro was commissioned by President Ronald Reagan to do a painting as part of the one hundred year anniversary celebration of the Statue of Liberty.

Hiro Yamagata was born inShiga,Japanon June 30, 1948.  He was first interested in painting in elementary school and took a special art class every day after school and through high school with his art teacher, a Japanese-style painter.  After his graduation, he went toTokyoand had part-time jobs in the advertisement field, where his talent was recognized.  In 1972, Hiro began attending L'Ecole Des Beaux Arts inParisand began to live his life through painting.

Yamagataescaped toParisin his early 20's, and met such persons as John Cage and more notably Allen Ginsberg.  He also painted sets for Peter Brook.  At the time, Hiro was perfecting a cartoony illustrative painting style that was not particularly Japanese.  The...

Our late friend Marcel Salinas put together a list of How To's when it comes to buying and collecting art!

The art collector should never buy for investment, since all too often this means that he/she will buy badly and without love. On the other hand the collection or single painting that is bought for its quality and with love will often turn out to be an excellent investment also. (Christie's Collector Guide)

1. To purchase a work of art you should truly love the work. Without a strong attachment to this art the primary source of joy from collecting art is lost.


2. Value- As a collector you want to know the artwork that you select is truly worth what you paid and all indications are it will be worth more later. Work with a Gallery that you know and trust.


3. Credential- The artist's background and credentials are important. Find out about the artist. Check the authorship of the work and xamine the credentials. The artist that created the work is the main factor in the value of the work.


4. Collectors- Is this artist's work in major Museums,...

Maya Angelou wrote "Amazement Awaits" for the 2008 Beijing Olymipc. Below is a video of her reading the poem. 


Jack Scharr interviews Marcel Salinas

We believe this is the only Video documenting the Great work of Marcel Salinas. Marcel worked with Picasso doing Portraits Imagine under the Maestro’s guidance. He also worked with many other great artists Erte, Vaserelli, Lebadang and many others.

This video concentrates on Salinas’s own Great work explaining how his life took him from Egypt to France and finally to the US. His painting has gone from cubism, to impressionism to figurative.

 Enjoy meeting a Great Artist