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Anniversary of the Berlin Wall

Fine Art Ltd in St. Louis Mo. Was the official licensee for the Statue Of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation for the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. On the Anniversary of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s famous Speech at the Berlin Wall. Fine Art Ltd commissioned Hiro Yamagata to do a painting of the Statue of Liberty to celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall and unveiled it in Berlin at Check Point Charley. We invited President Ronald Reagan, Gene Kennedy Smith to represent her brother, Rod Steiger who won an award for Freedom and Cliff Robertson who played Kennedy in the PT 109 the movie. President Reagan could not attend but invited us to come to his office in Century City, Ca. which we did after the event.

We believe this is the only video celebrating the Fall of The Wall. We had over 2000 people at the wall and gave posters away to the crowd. Yamagata was signing and dating the posters for the crowd but the crowd got to pushing so much we had to stop the signing and just gave the posters away.

Please note the two people doing the unveiling were from both East And West Berlin.



Harry Weber, the sculpture artist who created all of the Hall of Fame players at Bush Stadium, sculpted “Stan the Man” to commemorate the life of the late Cardinals player Stan “the Man” Musial. The sculpture was released at a special event featuring Stan Musial at Fine Art Ltd.

Harry has created two other casts that were featured at the event, “Musial 3000th  Hit”, an edition of only 6 casts and Musial’s, “Last at Bat” an edition of 50. Harry liked working with Stan, and Stan enjoyed working with Harry. Stan owned three of Harrys sculptures in his personal collection.

Maya Angelou wrote "Amazement Awaits" for the 2008 Beijing Olymipc. Below is a video of her reading the poem. 

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, is the world's largest publisher of fine art commemorating special events.  We pride ourselves on a mission to produce and market art of the highest quality in the world. Fine Art Ltd. was presented with the very prestigious international ARCALE 2000 award in Salamanca, Spain, for its contribution to the art society through the promotion of contemporary artists.  Fine Art has established itself as the leading publisher of commemorative fine art for world-class international events.

A highlight of our past events include:

      • All the US Olympic Games from1988-2010
      • The 50th Anniversary of the March of Dimes
      • The 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty
      • The 100th Anniversary of Carnegie Hall
      • The 500th Anniversary of Columbus discovering America
      • The 500Years of the Decorated Christmas Tree
      • The Fall of the Berlin Wall
      • The Maquette of Eads
      • Heroic Bronze Sculpture and Maquette of Lou...


Jack Scharr interviews Marcel Salinas

We believe this is the only Video documenting the Great work of Marcel Salinas. Marcel worked with Picasso doing Portraits Imagine under the Maestro’s guidance. He also worked with many other great artists Erte, Vaserelli, Lebadang and many others.

This video concentrates on Salinas’s own Great work explaining how his life took him from Egypt to France and finally to the US. His painting has gone from cubism, to impressionism to figurative.

 Enjoy meeting a Great Artist



The American A Monument of Courage-video 5:17 -  Produced by John Camey

Just imagine the following icons; the Statue of Liberty, New York, the Effie Tower in Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Arch in St. Louis and now outside Tulsa, Oklahoma a new icon of the brave Indian with an eagle extend on his arm that represents the hope and challenge of new beginnings.

This monument will be the largest free standing bronze that people will be able to enter a stairway to the observation deck and view beautiful downtown Tulsa in the distance. The American, located in Sand Springs, will soar 21 stories in height with a visitor center at the base of the monument.

Shan Gray, and Osage Indian and the artist of this sculpture, had a vision of this American image as a way to reflect the courage of all American’s no matter their race or creed.

Collectors now have an opportunity to own your own original bronze available in both the 24” cast an edition of 90 and the exquisite 3 ½ foot cast with an edition of 176. This will be the only edition offered without the changes that had to be made as the original cast was modified when it was decided to make The American a 207 foot monument. All additional...