About Susan Headley Van Campen

Susan Headley Van Campen

United States

“I like to paint what I see that strikes me at the moment. Things that don’t last long – like flowers and skies, water, the sunrise, clouds, approaching storms, a dandelion, an open tulip just before the petals fall off – a poppy bud before it bursts … as simple as possible, without laboring. I am trying to capture the color and shape the first time, that’s all.”

Susan Van Campen’s plein-air oil paintings are painted with the confident brushwork of a watercolorist, achieving bold impressions of Maine’s landscapes. Her small impressions capture big moments – rapidly changing weather, vast landscapes, dramatic shadows, and heavy clouds.

Susan Van Campen received her certificate of fine art from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadephia, PA.

Artwork by Susan Headley Van Campen