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Robert Hoglund

United States

"My landscapes tend to be playful," according to Hoglund, who draws inspiration from a varied range of artists from Monet to Rauschenberg.
Robert Hoglund's original monoprints possess such a sense of mass and dimensionality, they convey the feeling that the viewer could "walk right into a print," according to Hoglund. "I try to bring out as much texture and three-dimensional effects as I can without a piece jumping off the wall," Hoglund observes.

His monoprints begin with a one-of-a-kind monotype as a base, which Hoglund enhances with airbrushing and works with colored pencils to achieve a multi-surfaced modeling effect.

A graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where he received his MFA, Hoglund brings a rich and varied background to his art. He has studied drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, and has professional experience as a graphic artist and technical illustrator. He has also done extensive workshop for the handicapped after completing his graduate degree.

Textures and shadings are so accurately rendered, it's difficult to believe the pieces are merely two-dimensional. To reinforce the reality, some of the prints contain an overlaying architectural grid - calling attention not only to the craft behind the art, but also underscoring Hoglund's sense of humor.

Spatialness and movement characterize Hoglund's abstract landscapes. When not swept by wind, his subjects are draped in light that seems to emanate for somewhere outside the frame.

Static shapes like boulders, fences, or distant mountains seem to be in joyous motion in Hoglund's monoprint ballets.

Artwork by Robert Hoglund

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